began her acting career at the age of nine years old starring in a hit TV series as one of the main characters whilst at the same time hosting a children’s programme.  Also a talented singer she made many guest performances.  At 13 years old Vega became a cover girl for ‘Aneka Yes’, Indonesia’s leading Teen Magazine.

From the time of her acting debut until 2006 she had leading roles in eight television series and guest starred in four, working constantly during this period.  In addition to her television work she had leading roles in 23 films made for television. 

In 2003 Nadia released her first album and has followed it with two more.  2005 saw her star in her first major film role.  Nadia’s second leading role in a major film came in 2007 where she also recorded the films original sound track.Nadia has been involved in a string of advertising campaigns both on television commercials and in print, her clients include Honda Jazz, Ie-Be fashion line and she recorded the McDonalds Jingle aired on Indonesian Television.

She regularly appears as a performer and  is currently hosting/presentingone weekly television programme.


•    Album  “Arti Persahabatan”  prod. Virgo Ramayana
•    Album “Don’t Ask “ prod. Planet Music Indonesia
•    Album Soundtrack  LEAK “Misteri Cinta” prod.Ganesha Perkasa Record
•    MTV JVC Sound Education (Indonesia)
•    Backround music for TV Series “ Papaku Keren-keren, Inikah Rasanya, etc”
•    Soundtrack “Sinetron Bidadari 2 & 3”               
•    OST. PLANET MARS 2008 prod. Ganesha Perkasa Record
•    Single “RELA” 2008

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