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What/When/Where/How is thedyingsirens?
Pugar Restu Julian/Uga (Singer/Songwriter) invented thedyingsirens (written in small fonts with no space, font: Creampuff) in 2002 in Jakarta.
He recorded almost 20 songs only in 3 months in 2002 with his PC and other instruments that he borrowed from some friends.
The music is between acoustic and electronic, but the electronic factor is because he recorded in his boredom bedroom with his PC and not in the real recording studio.
He ‘s not sure about the genre, some called it alternative, some called it post rock, some called it lo-fi, others called it 90’s revival. But if he has to say the genre, then he prefer to make another genre called “alternaive”.

Why Not??
Or, let’s just call it POP.
At that time, thedyingsirens was barely doing a performance in public. thedyingsirens’s 1st appearance was in “Renungan AIDS” Bulungan in October, 2003 replacing Silent Sun who cannot performed.
Only with electric guitar that he borrowed from his friend, Aroel(Stereomantic, ex PlanetBumi), Uga sang his song “Don’t Need To Be” dan “A Girl Like You” (Pete Yorn cover-one of his favourite musicians).
He also sold 30 “thedyingsirens DIY” CDs on the spot. After that he didn’t make anymore because he found it too tiring to make it all by himself.
thedyingsirens almost became ‘the forgotten’ project because Uga was too busy becoming a ‘bandwhore’.
He joined and helped lots of bands, such as PlanetBumi, Pop Up, C’mon Lennon, Blossom Diary, TIKA, ZATPP, SORE, Sugarstar, The Safari, A Boy Named Santiago, Clover, Morning Bell, Gods Must Be Crazy, etc.
But in 2006 thedyingsirens has become his priority project again.
After Contributing in OST “Thank You and Goodnight Mother” , Compilation “Paviliun Doremi”, thedyingsirens released EP “Kapalku Telah Pergi” and then full album “Sketches of a Humming”, and contributed in Compilation“Indonesian Noise – Make Trade Fair”.
On Feb 2009, thedyingsirens released new free download single“ByeBye” in the official website (www.thedyingsirens.com)
On stage, thedyingsirens is perfoming with additional players:
Christo Putra (drums)
Mahadevi Khrisnaphari (bass)
Mian Meuthia (v/tamborine/acoustic gtr)
M Orliando (gtr)
Tania Ranidhianti (keys) 

 Nah, diatas ini adalah profile yang ditampilan thedyingsirens di http://thedyingsirens.com, terus terang ketika pertama kali tau band ini ketika aku sedang tergila2 dengan band bernama Everybody Loves Irene. Walaupun bisa dibilang terlambat untuk tahu thedyingsirens, tapi untuk menikmati musiknya tidaklah terlambat. Buat orang "awam", musik thedyingsirens bisa dibilang sangat tidak akrab di telinga, tapi jika Anda memiliki keyakinan bahwa musik adalah bahasa universal. Maka Anda harus mendengarkan lagu dia.
Walaupun lagu yang di tawarkan masih dengan sound2 tidak selevel major label tapi sangat cukup untuk bisa dinikmati dengan kondisi tertentu. Nah, buat yang udah pernah denger dan kenal thedyingsirens maka gak boleh menunda-nunda untk bisa melihat dia. So, langsung ke websitenya aja kalo mau tahu lebih jauh

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